Save design costs

This guide should help you to keep your costs low.

  1. Providing source material: would you like a halberd? Send me a photo as a template so I can orient myself, or make a sketch of your ideas.
  2. Dimensioning of your object. Take a caliper, set square or ruler at hand. How long should the halberd be in total? how long should the blade be? how long the pole? What diameter should the pole have (little tip, usually 1.20mm). Take existing objects as a template. Here is a small sample image for sufficient dimensions:
  3. Make sure before the test print that all dimensions correspond to your ideas and that no further changes need to be made to the object
  4. If you want to print a logo or motif on an object, you have to stylize it beforehand. The logo of the "Würfelorden" (Order of the cube) is used as an example here, and they have kindly made their logo available to me for viewing purposes.

As beautiful as the logo is, the colored picture is unfortunately hard to work with, too many details, no elevations or depressions. The stylized variant has clear contours for this, areas can be emphasized or reduced with little effort. Ideal for use as a coat of arms for a shield.

I am also happy to take over the stylization, dimensioning or research, but unfortunately this will then be billed.