The Bits Smith will print your personalized bit for you!

The Bits Smith offers you the opportunity to create one-off products specially tailored to you, your club or your company. Together we will create a concept of how we can transfer your motif or logo to the object you want. You can choose from existing bits in the online store (e.g. shields, banners) or have a new bit designed according to your wishes.

Here you get more information on how you can effectively save costs when creating your personalized bit.


  • ​Motif/Logo: 20€/hour. For the creation of an individual part with a logo or motif on an object available in the online shop. There is no transfer of digital content to the customer.
  • Made-to-measure with shop admission: 20€/hour. This rate can be chosen if the object or bit you want is suitable for sale in online shop and you agree to the inclusion of the object or bit in the The-Bits-Smith online shop. retains all copyrights. No digital content can be passed on. Made to measure without shop admission: 
  • Made to measure without shop admission: 35€/hour. If the created object or bit is NOT suitable for sale in online shop, or if inclusion in the online shop is undesirable, this rate can be selected. You get a unique custom-made product that meets your requirements. This item or bit is not being offered to anyone but you by The Bits Smith. No digital content can be passed on. The Bits Smith prohibits the commercial use of the object or the bit.
  • Trader rate: 70€/hour. The created object is intended for sale or use in a company or online shop that is not owned by The Bits Smith and cannot be included in the online shop. You own all copyrights. This is the only tariff that allows you to share digital content (e.g. an .STL file for 3D printing).

A deposit of 10 € is required for all tariffs. This down payment can also represent a higher sum for larger orders. If the order is canceled, the deposit will be retained, but this will only be done if the order is already in the manufacturing phase. Flat-rate prices based on the respective tariffs can also be agreed.

The Bits Smith reserves the right to refuse orders without giving a reason.

Production costs: In addition to the tariff costs, there are also production costs. The price per part will be agreed between The Bits Smith and you at the beginning.

Special payment for 3D printing: Before the first test print is carried out, all the details of the object will be discussed with you again. If you would like to make changes to your production after the test print, an expense allowance of € 7 will be charged. Depending on the size of the property, the expense allowance can be higher, whereby The Bits Smith must point this out beforehand, otherwise the € 7 expense allowance applies.


  • ​If a logo or motif is to be used for printing, you must guarantee that the templates used are your intellectual property or that you have the right to use the motifs or the logo. The responsibility here is yours. The Bits Smith assumes no liability. 
  • The Bits Smith does not make 1: 1 plagiarism of existing and copyrighted objects.
  • The objects created by The Bits Smith are not toys but collectors' items and must not be used by persons under 14 years of age and must be kept away from them. The Bits Smith asks you to refrain from using the objects and bits for purposes other than those intended. The responsibility here is yours. The Bits Smith assumes no liability.
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